8 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Motivation

Motivation Sparkles

If you’re looking to find a way to really get things done, create positive change and make some exciting things happen in your life here’s eight powerful secrets that will help you to boost your motivation so you can make it happen in a hurry.

Change is never easy and sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to lose weight, have a cleaner house, create good exercise habits it’s all about change. And it’s literally human nature to resist change so forget about using your willpower. You’ve got to make some smart shifts in what you’re doing to get results. That’s going to take focus and creating some new habits that will work for you.

Focus Will Take You There

Learn how you can create the focus to have the motivation to make your dreams come true.

Get started here with some systems and mental shifts that will set the stage for success and getting you the results you’re after.  When we find the right inspiration and integrate it with winning systems to create that change we can do it with grace and ease… so here’s the eight powerful tips that will take you where you want to be and that will make it easy and fun to get there!

  1. Just get started! If you wait for motivation and the perfect time to come to you sometimes it never happens. So instead of telling yourself that you’re going to get started fresh on Monday just begin right now. Don’t wait it as it doesn’t get any easier as time passes. No more waiting for the perfect time… small baby steps will get you going and break the inertia that keeps us stuck.
  2. Begin in a small way.. When you try to take on everything all at once it’s overwhelming and it just makes you resist even getting started. If you’re finding your motivation is in short supply simply begin and start off small. It’s easy  to procrastinate when we are feeling overwhelmed.  That small simple unimpressive beginning lets you start tracking success and checking things off your list. It’s inspiring and  it rewards you as you move forward towards your goals and get closer to the milestones you want to accomplish. So take small steps, keep your motivation flowing and be proud of yourself for beginning. After all the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  3. Get rid of distractions.. Turn off your phones notifications or just turn your phone off. Social media is designed to be addictive and it creates dopamine rushes that literally reward your brain and make it “feel happy” so you find yourself checking it more and more. It’s becoming a huge distraction and it is taking the average human attention span to 7 seconds. That’s not conducive to getting things done. You’ve got to train and condition yourself to focus on the task at hand and you’ll find it’s a lot easier if you break away from devices by keeping them out of sight and silent. You’ll get more done and you’ll feel better for it.

    Turn Off Notifications

    Turn off notifications on your phone and keep it on silent as much as possible.

  4. Get  An Accountability Partner!  If you’re really looking to make things happen in your life get yourself an accountability partner. It makes a huge difference from a productivity point of view when you have someone that you’re regularly checking in with on your progress. When we make promises to ourself it’s easier to break them so working with a partner can really make a difference in you actually getting things done. That’s why you’re seeing so many groups and challenges to join. They work! If you find your own circle of friends isn’t going to be a source of  like minded individuals for you look online. Check out different social media groups that are interesting to you whether it’s weight-loss, making more money or clearing clutter there’s a group there to support you. You’ll help others and you’ll help yourself.
  5. Declutter And Clean Up… Your environment makes a huge difference in how well you can accomplish your goals and get things done. There’s a reason that Marie Kondo is having so much success with her books and Netflix show. Getting that clutter gone and having a clear work space makes your brain actually work better and allows it to focus on the task at hand. Remember our world is a lot different now than what it was so we need to be aware of that and to take the time to shape our environments so they allow us to be productive and feel good while we get things done. If you don’t use it or love it donate it to someone who will. You’ll be further ahead for it and your generosity will help someone out.
  6. Get A Clear Picture Of Your Success… Literally begin with the end in mind as that’s going to help you get where you need to go. In his classic book The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People Steven Covey created the brilliant catch phrase “begin with the end in mind” and it’s truly the greatest way to frame your goals. When you can work from a platform of Be, Do, Have instead of thinking you’ll do a certain action once you create the success you’re looking for you will literally launch yourself into the success zone. After all you what got you to where you are now won’t take you to where you want to be. Be the individual right now that you want to grow into and you’ll start to see things going your way in a hurry.

    Make The Magic Happen

    Put all the small steps together and watch with excitement how quickly they take you to right where you want to be.

  7. Work On Being Organized… And that begins with structuring your time. It’s your most valuable resource and if you begin budgeting with the same care that you do with your finances you’ll be making quantum leaps towards your goals. Never go to bed at night without a clear outline of what you want to accomplish the next day. You’ll discover that you begin to wake up with excitement, purpose and energy as you’re ready to begin charting and navigating successfully throughout your day. It gives a huge sense of satisfaction when you can see that you’re getting things done. If you haven’t got a good day planner pick one up and use it. Brendon Burchard has an awesome High Performance planner that’s one of the best tools I’ve seen to work with. You can set your day up with it and coach yourself at the end of the day to what was effective and where you can improve. It’s all about awareness and getting better in small incremental steps.

    Plan Your Days

    Set plans for your days every single night and you are on your way to making it happen.

  8. Really Believe You Can Do It… Because you can. And if you don’t think you can you simply won’t get started and that’s going to set you up for failure. When you can see that what you’re up to is attainable and reachable and you break it down into small steps along the way you’re going to make it happen. With the resources available to you online and the access to information that’s available for free there’s truly no limits on what you can accomplish. So set your goals high, create some incredible dreams of what you want your future to look like and begin with confidence. After all if someone else has accomplished what you want there’s no reason why you can’t do it.

If you really want to take your mental clarity and self control to the next level try some of our amazing magic coffee. Just one cup a day will boost your focus, improve your mood and control your food cravings. Remember, most of the food that is out there is literally chemically designed to make you crave it more. When you feel like you’re in control it’s so much easier to set proper goals and stick to them. And you’ll feel better and have fun accomplishing them.

We are really fortunate to live in a time where there is so much science and technology available to us… make sure you’re taking full advantage of it so you can create true magic in your life!

8 thoughts on “8 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Motivation”

  1. In today’s environment, every person couldn’t even read a single page nor a single note because they’re too “busy” with so many things. Literally, social media hacks every single second. It’s filled with distraction that prevents them from finishing what they have to finish on that day or at that hour. 

    Because of that phenomenon, it’s best to learn how to stay still and be focused on the necessary stuff. Hence, your post is substantial. Thank you for writing this. Kudos.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it. You’re so right about social media… it can be a great tool but if it’s not managed correctly it creates far too much “busy” time!

  2. Really believe you can do it.  That is probably the biggest takeaway for me in this article, and there were quire a few!  I have done so many things in my life where I gave it my all, was really good at it, and had no success whatsoever, so it is difficult to keep the belief alive.  Now that I am doing affiliate marketing, a positive attitude is extremely important, and reading this article has given me some new motivation and inspiration, and I just wanted to pop in and say thanks.

    1. Thanks so much, really appreciate you popping in with a comment. And you are definitely working the right business model for this time. Here’s to your success!

  3. I agree whole heartedly with all the items on your list.  I know these to be true as I have struggled in the past trying to accomplish things when I don’t set small goals and make lists.  Also I have a tendency to get distracted by squirrels (too many things to do, text messages, emails, etc).   In the end I am a motivated person and don’t give up easily, but this list is a great reminder of what I should be doing.  I’m going to start implementing these more and hopefully relieve some of my frustrations.  Now tell me about this coffee.  Why is it so magical?

    1. Thanks for commenting… love the squirrel distraction. They are definitely a constant in this world of ours! The coffee actually keeps you focused. It’s an amino acid stack formula that works with your brain and really helps boost your mood and increases your energy so it’s excellent when you want to stay on track and avoid the squirrels.

  4. I really enjoyed your article. Especially how you pointed out that uncluttering is helpful to getting things done. The point about turning off or turning down the phone kind of helps with uncluttering too if one stops and looks around them. That’s when you notice things you’ve just ‘walked by’ for a while. 

    I looked up Brendan Burchard. I see his productivity planners are at Barnes and Noble. Thanks for the tip! Thanks for some great pointers on motivation!

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it and found Brendan’s planner… I think it’s the best one out there. Here’s to productivity!

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