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Profit From Your Weight Loss Journey

Profit From Your Weight Loss Journey

Want to make some extra money while you get in good shape? Blogging about your weight loss journey can be rewarding and fun. At times, it may feel like a drag. This is especially the case when you’re feeling down and disappointed because of setbacks.

During times like these it may seem tough to blog about what you’re experiencing  because you’re already not in the mood… and it’s especially during times like these that you absolutely MUST blog about your feelings.

Share Your Feelings

Share Your Feelings As You Go. People Love Authentic Stories Whether They Are Good Or Bad.

Consistency is key to weight loss blogging and weight loss success. Here are some points to take note of when you first start your blog.

  • State your intention and goals

The first one or two posts on your blog should be about your decision to embark on the weight loss journey. You’ll need to say why you’re doing it and what you hope to achieve from it. Telling your story helps you to get more clear on your goals and it engages your readers at the same time.

Be as specific as possible with your goal. State the pounds you will lose and what the deadline is. More importantly, state your why. Why are you doing it? What’s the emotional reason for your undertaking?

Write it all down. Be as authentic as possible and inject emotion into your posts.

  • Talk about what you’re doing

For the rest of the blog posts, you’ll be stating what exercises you’re doing and what your diet is like. You’ll go into specifics such as your calorie counts, the training program, the days you slip up, the challenges you face and so on.

Not only will these posts serve as a point of reference in future, but writing them down will sear the details into your memory so you’re more in tune with what you’re doing.

  • Use photos

A picture says a thousand words. Post pics of yourself before you start the journey. Then post a pic of yourself once a week. Photos don’t lie.

This is a good record of your progress and also keeps the blog interesting. You may also post pictures of your meals, you at the gym, a photo of face when you’re feeling down, etc. You’re only limited by your imagination.

  • Share your experiences and feelings

Emotion will hook your readers. Share with them how the training and diet makes you feel. How does sacrificing the foods you love affect your moods?


Are there times when you just feel like quitting? Did anyone say anything that negatively impacted you?

Write it all down and mention how you’re dealing with the process and what tools you’re using to cope with the stresses placed upon you. The more candid you are, the more authentic you’ll be and your ‘writing voice’ will resonate with your readers.

And be sure to document your journey on Instagram. Weight loss transformations and journeys are one of the hottest topics there. You’ll gather more inspiration for yourself and you will build an audience. That’s a double win. 


Take Advantage Of The Explosive Growth Of Instagram. And Use Hashtags So Your Posts Are Seen.

  • Be consistent

As mentioned earlier, consistency is important when blogging. Not only will it become a habit when you do it regularly, but if you have a following, they’ll have something new to read every time they visit your blog.

Ideally, you should create new content on a regular schedule. You might have a schedule where you publish on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday (where you have a weekend round-up post). Weekly summaries are a great way for people to catch up with what’s been going on if they missed your regular posts.

As long as it’s regular, you can post an announcement on your blog that there will be new posts on these days. So, your readers will be more likely to check on those days.

These points above may seem like common sense, but so many bloggers neglect them. Adhere to these pointers and your blog will be an excellent record of your weight loss journey. It will inspire and entertain many people too and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re creating a valuable asset for yourself.

As your blog grows you may decide to use it as an additional source of income. There’s a great sense of satisfaction knowing you are taking steps to better your health and your lifestyle. You’ll be amazed at where positive change can take you.

And if you really want to take your weight loss journey to a new level order some of this Magic Coffee right now. It crushes your cravings so weight loss is a breeze and it increases your energy and focus so you’ll find it easier to build your successful online presence.

8 thoughts on “Profit From Your Weight Loss Journey”

  1. Thanks very much. Blogging about your weight loss journey is a great idea because it will create a good Blog that you can then turn around and monetize. Also it helps you stay in touch with where you are at in your weight loss journey which can be helpful.

    By sharing your feelings, including all types of feelings you experience in the process, we’ll give other people a lot of value because they will experience the same things too. Your article has given a great way to make the most of your weight loss journey and could be used as a way to make the most of any project you wanted to do.

    I hope that other people who are beginning their weight loss journey will find your page as it is very helpful.

  2. This is great! Profiting from weight loss journey seems like a very excellent idea. Since most people suffer the same way one suffers too, it is only normal to draw inspiration from an individual of their same size who have decided to lose the weight and burn the fats out by engaging on a weight loss journey. With progress being visible, this would increase the readership and site visitors and loyalists. Wow! I never thought of this before. Great one and I’m surely going to give this a trial. Benefiting from my weight loss journey! Wow

  3. This is one of the most interesting articles I’ve read in a long time. There are so many great physiques out there and people are only just realizing that they can profit from their bodies just by posting pictures and being an inspiration to woman all over the globe. Everything has a value, and that’s even more true when you can make people happy and inspire them to better themselves. People think Instagram models are just showing off but it’s not like that at all. Awesome article, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks so much. It’s funny because some of the biggest followings don’t have perfect bodies. People are drawn to the real stories, not perfection. Really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  4. Wow, this is the best idea I’ve come across online in a while now. Being able to make money on the way via blogging sounds great. I never really thought about it even though I am into affiliate marketing and I am also looking at losing some weight. This is great. Thank you for dropping this in my mind now. I’ll surely follow your advice and make good use of my weight loss. Its true that its really hard when it comes to keeping up. One changes lifestyle totally and needs to keep up the consistency like you said. Thank you for the added advice here.

    1. So glad you liked it… really seems to help with sticking with your resolve to drop those extra pounds. Best of luck on your journey and thanks so much for commenting.

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