June 2019

Plan Your Holiday

Here Comes Summer… How To Stay On Track

Summer has finally arrived and you’ve been training and working hard to be beach ready and in great shape for it. Here’s some great easy tips so you can stay on track and keep those great results coming. And still have fun while you’re doing it! It can can be very tempting to abandon your good sense of healthy eating on vacation.  Although you may strive for healthy eating if… Read More »Here Comes Summer… How To Stay On Track

Motivation Sparkles

8 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Motivation

If you’re looking to find a way to really get things done, create positive change and make some exciting things happen in your life here’s eight powerful secrets that will help you to boost your motivation so you can make it happen in a hurry. Change is never easy and sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to lose weight, have a cleaner… Read More »8 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Motivation

The Distraction Factor

The Distraction Factor

Let’s face it, everyone is busy in this hectic rush rush world but we need to stop and take sometime to focus on ourselves and the people in our lives. Our health is suffering and it’s time to stop rushing and to begin creating some meal time rituals that are good for us. It’s been the norm for quite some time now to eat meals and snack in front of the… Read More »The Distraction Factor

Set Yourself Up For The Win!

Setting Yourself Up For The Win!

  How you set up your weight loss goals is literally the difference in winning and losing. When you set them up right you’ll achieve the results you want with grace and ease. But if you set them up incorrectly, you can end up not losing the weight you want, becoming frustrated or possibly even gaining some back in the process. That’s definitely not a step in the right direction… Read More »Setting Yourself Up For The Win!