Ten Birthday Reflections

Birthday Top Ten List

It’s my birthday weekend… time to celebrate another turn around the sun! And for me it’s always a time to reflect on what’s been working and what needs to be revisited in my life. That’s one of the joys of being a summer baby… it’s kind of a mid year review.

So as I’m celebrating another trip around the sun I’ve made a note of my top ten tips that are making my world a happier and more productive place to be… here’s to a powerful birthday reflection. After all life is all about learning and improving.

Another Turn Around The Sun

Celebrate Another Turn Around The Sun!

1. Talk to strangers… things are different from when your well intended parents told you not to talk to strangers. Now you talk to a stranger to do everything from ordering a car to getting a date. So whether or not you need a car or a date do talk to strangers. You’ll meet some wonderful people.

2. Always keep learning... our fastest growing industries didn’t exist 10 years ago. Now more than ever it’s time to stay very engaged in the game of life and learning. No one can afford to not learn now and it’s fun.

3. Take care of mind, body and spirit… we live in a very fast paced world with a ton of information coming at us and it’s absolutely mandatory to take some time to reflect, relax and be easy on ourselves. Your brain is working differently than it did before so if you didn’t have a meditation practice before this is the perfect time to begin.

Don't Worry

Don’t Worry… It’s literally the Law Of Attraction in reverse.

4. Don’t worry…. it’s truly the law of attraction in reverse. Worry is not a good use of your time or energy no matter what it is that you’re concerned about. It’s not a solution orientated thought process and it doesn’t make you feel good or happy. Think back to the things that you’ve “worried” about before and you’ll discover most of them didn’t even happen.

5. Follow and learn from the very best people you can find. We are so fortunate to live in these times where we literally have the answers to everything at our fingertips. The amount of information that is shared by some of the brightest and most successful people on the planet is mind blowing and it’s yours for the taking and it’s free.

6. Stay engaged, excited and keep looking for great ways to grow. This world is wide open and waiting for you to get out and enjoy it and explore it. Find things that interest you that inspire you to be more and get excited about the possibilites that await you. And if that means avoiding people who are “bored” so be it. There’s too many great adventures waiting for you.

7. Embrace technology with everything you can… stay connected to all the great things that are being discovered and with the thought leaders that are making it happen. The incredible steps that are being made in healthcare, wellness and psychology are game changers. Be aware of them and when you see something you like learn it and use it.

Embrace Technology

Embrace Technology… It’s A Valuable Gift That Can Make Your Life Amazing.

8. Expect the best… watch and see what a difference it makes in your world. Everytime you meet a new person or are in a new environment look for the good in it and expect it to be an awesome experience. You’ll be amazed at how life reflects back to you in a positive way and you’ll feel better for it. And you’ll experience more joy and you will share it with others.

9. Never engage in activity that takes away your peace of mind… if something isn’t making you happy find a way to change it and eventually you’ll be able to shift away from it. After all we are not trees and no one is forcing us to stay in a place. Look for life options that are right for you and that will truly take you where you want to be. You will find a way.

10. Surround yourself with people that lift you up and make you reach for bigger and better things. This world of ours is pure magic and you want to be in a position to be influenced by people that are making big things happen in life. There are too many great things to be experienced and when we are comfortable and complacent it’s too easy to get stuck. Find great personal and virtual mentors and get caught up in all that good energy.

That’s my Top Ten for 2019 so far… no doubt there will be more added along the way as the year rolls out. After all life is about learning and expanding so it really is a never ending process.

Does anyone else use their birthday as a taking inventory time? What works for you?

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8 thoughts on “Ten Birthday Reflections”

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips.  Some of us think that we are rock solid, but life is always a school. We are deceiving ourselves if we think we have it all figured out. I tend to not go out on my birthday and I also do take inventory. My birthday is in August so I will be using it to review my accomplishments and make some changes for the few months to come and get things on order. Every other hour of the day I spend with family and loved ones. Cheers

    1. Thanks for commenting and Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day with your family and that any changes you decide to make will be easy shifts for you. Cheers!

  2. First off, Happy Birthday! I have never taken the time to reflect when my birthday passes, but now I will start to do so. Although my birthday is like 6 months away, I stumbled across this article because I wanted to learn more about self reflection. A lot of people don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. My family is so important to me and I make sure I cherish every moment with them. Have a good one!

    1. Thanks so much! Taking time to reflect always helps me along the way… it’s given me great insights to different situations and that helps to make good choices. I’m right there with you on family. It’s always been my highest value and I cherish the time with them too. Here’s to a very happy birthday for you in six months. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday! I love your sharing of your reflections as you enjoy life on this planet and another year round the sun! This is very inspiring and wise of you to practice. I especially love that the list you have created are on the positive side of life, with excellent reminders for all of us to practice on a daily basis. You are very insightful and I have to agree that all that you have listed here resonate with me. I appreciate your ability to articulate your ideas succinctly and clearly. Thanks heaps for sharing 🙂

  4. I personally think this is a really cool post! While many people just look at birthdays as getting older, it seems like you are looking at them to gain perspective. Having a perspective in life is very important, it’s crucial to dealing with difficult situations and proceeding with your goals. What do you think your most significant birthday reflection would be?

    1. Thanks so much, really appreciate you taking the time to comment. For me this year it’s absolutely follow and learn. The number of incredible mentors I’ve been able to learn from is incredibly valuable and it’s leading to next level performance. Such an exciting time to have the access to information we have right at hand. 

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