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How To Retrain Your Subconscious Mind

Relax And Dream

Are you looking to make some positive changes in your life? Whether you want to improve your business, your career, health or personal relationships all positive changes will come from you shifting your patterns and by training your subconscious mind.

When you are looking to make long-term positive changes to your subconscious mind, then you literally have to change the record. Beliefs, patterns, ideas, worldviews, customs, and perceptions – these are all imprinted in your subconscious mind since you were young. This is the paradigm you have been living with since childhood and you were indoctrinated and were not aware of it. Now, the thought of programming or training your subconscious mind might sound intimidating. Yet, it’s entirely possible to do it. In fact it’s the only way to create lasting change.

You might think that you can’t improve your self-esteem, that you will never see yourself a worthy, you’ll never be able to build a successful career or maintain a relationship. You tell yourself that you’re just never going to be as lucky as everyone else. You’ve been telling yourself this for years. With this guide and persistence, you can gradually make changes to your subconscious mind. Don’t expect instant gratification, it will take time and practice, but you can do it. And it’s easier than you think!

Retrain Your Subconscious Mind

Follow these easy steps and you can reprogram your subconscious mind and create an amazing life.

Repetition Is Key

When you want to improve your fitness, you have to consistently exercise and also improve your diet. You won’t see any changes overnight. It will take time, but you will start to notice a difference as the weeks go by. That’s the idea behind reprogramming your subconscious mind. It takes regular exercise and efforts to program and recondition your subconscious. After all, it’s been like this since you were 5 or 6 years old so there’s a tremendous amount of learned conditioned behaviour running in the background.

Keep this in mind as you begin the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind. You need to be crystal clear about what you want and what you’re trying to improve. You also need to uncover the subconscious habits and patterns that have been holding you back. Be honest and be curious as you take time to explore and understand your habits. The very best time to carry out these exercises is as you lie in bed before falling asleep.

Choose Powerful Metaphors

When you pay attention, you will realize exactly how often metaphors are used to convey particular concepts. Metaphors are used in movies, commercials, books, and beyond. When you take some quiet time and think back in your life you’ll realize that there are many sayings and metaphors that are negative that will unconsciously come to mind in different circumstances. These are the patterns that contribute to your current identity and are exactly what you want to reprogram.

Some of the classics are money doesn’t grow on trees, do you think I’m made of money, money can’t buy happiness, money is the root of all evil, we’ve always been poor, making money is hard, money isn’t that important, you need money to make money, money can cause a lot of problems, it’s harder now to make money, rich people are greedy, it’s better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, rich people got lucky, we weren’t born under that lucky star, rich people got rich by cheating others and the list goes on. The fact is none of these are true, it’s easier now to make money than it’s ever been and for the most part rich people are some of the most generous people on the planet.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Think back to all of those old negative money stories you heard growing up. While they were well intentioned they are not true and they are negatively impacting you.

So, take some quiet time and sit with them. Reflect back onto when you were growing up and think about what you heard regarding money when you were a child growing up. Chances are excellent that some of those made the list and that they are effecting you and your relationship with money. When your parents were saying these things they weren’t trying to make things worse for you, they were trying to protect you from being disappointed. If you’re able to ask them about it you’ll most likely discover that they were mirroring exactly what they grew up listening to.

Now take sometime and think about what you want to be true about money or whatever else you want to improve. Create some positive statements and thoughts that reflect what you really want to occur in your life. Write them down and create some little mantras to go with them. You’ll find if you can hum or sing them softly to yourself they will begin to resonate with you and you’ll begin to think more in the positive direction than in the negative one you’ve been conditioned to. Humming may feel odd at first but try it anyway. It’s a powerful tool and it actually stimulates your Vagus nerve. We will cover more on that later.

By doing this on a regular consistent basis you will in fact reprogram  your subconscious mind. And remember, your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is true and what is not. After all those old negative statements weren’t true yet they are locked deep in your mind. Keep taking positive steps to create the wonderful good things you want to be true in your life and be happy while you do it.

Set aside some quiet time to relax and reflect on what you want in your life. Choose some music that is soft, relaxing, and calming. It should be something that lulls you and this is something you will listen to every evening. This will make your brain receptive to ideas by putting yourself in almost a meditative state. When you reach this state, you can plant the seeds you want to sow. It might be that you are successful and free, it could be that you are calm, happy and living your perfect life.

Relax And Dream

Take time to relax, dream, listen to music or do what brings you joy and think about what you really want your life to be.

• Relax

For this exercise, you will need to get comfortable and just breathe. You can use the musical method above to get into this state of relaxation. Or, through a breathing exercise. Be patient with yourself as you try to slip into relaxation mode. Now choose your goal or desired outcome. Imagine it and what life will look like once you achieve it. How will it feel? How does it look? What is the result? Focus on that. You can create a static image or picture yourself moving through this new life. Or, both. You should do this nightly.

• Memories

Again, you will need to slip into relaxation mode. Pluck a memory to the surface. It should be a positive one. As you cast your mind back you will likely access several memories of all descriptions, just filter the negative ones out. Relive your positive memory. This will provide you with a positive sensation instantly, connecting you to your subconscious mind. It’s easy to run through the negatives of your day and keep yourself awake. It’s important to focus on a positive as you nod off. You#re accessing your subconscious mind and trying to trigger profound change. Once you have relived this positive memory you can start counting backward from 100 to send yourself off to sleep.

Supercharge Retraining Your Subconscious Mind

Technology is our friend and you should use it accordingly. We now live in an age where you can be entertained and connected 24 hours a day and you can choose if that is going to work for you or against you. When you think about the effect that all those streaming banners of bad news and sad situations it’s pretty obvious that it’s not taking you to a great place mentally. While it’s designed intentionally to be captivating and engaging 95% has little or no effect on your life. In just 3 minutes a day you can begin to intentionally program some good happy things into your life, effectively retrain your subconscious mind and feel better for 6-8 hours after watching it. And that beats watching the news all day long.

You can reprogram your subconscious mind in just three minutes a day. Just go to Positive Prime and get your free account.

Positive Prime Code Happy

Just go to and enter the code happy for a free session. Then watch and enjoy for 3 minutes a day. You’ll be amazed at the results.


10 thoughts on “How To Retrain Your Subconscious Mind”

  1. Nice, very informative and generally comfortable stuff to read. The subconscious mind is something we think it just develops until it gets it “final level” in some age or after getting on some level of understanding your subconscious mind. But as you told, its definitely something we can and actually we should retrain to keep ourselves improving in terms of intelligence, reflection and decision ability and much much more. However, I learned lots of new things and facts. Thank you, I will take a deeper look at your website and inside my own head. 

    1. Thanks so much, appreciate you taking the time to comment. You’re so right, the subconscious mind is really worth working on and can make a tremendous difference in your life.

  2. Hello there, I must say I enjoyed my time reading through this amazing post. First the subconscious mind is one that shouldn’t be neglected because for me its the part of the mind where lots of things happen and some scholars have said the subconscious mind is who we truly are. Developing ones minds is a very important aspect of living because when not in control of ones mind things may turn out bad

    I love the tips you have given here i n this post and I must confess I would also love to try it out because there are times I also feel like I’m losing my mind. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Thanks for commenting and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this. It’s more important now than ever to take the time to do the work since we are bombarded with so much information that doesn’t necessarily serve our best interests. When we make an effort to give ourselves positive imagery and information it shapes our world in a beautiful way. 

  3. These are some very good tips. Humming indeed makes you feel good about yourself. Sometimes I catch myself humming or singing and I notice how much better I feel about things. 

    I don’t watch T.V. for the reasons you mentioned, it is filled with horrible news. I get my news from the internet. I also find T.V. very time consuming, it takes away much time of the day, time that I could use to be more productive. 

    I am working on changing some old money beliefs, and I am getting there. Money has always been associated with something bad, but why is that so? Money can give you many freedoms, and it certainly makes life easier. It is also true that nowadays people have more access to making money, which is wonderful. It is all in the mind though. As long as you don’t believe it, it will not happen, but if you believe it and you know it, it will happen 🙂 

    1. You’re so right about the humming… and when you couple it with an intentional mantra it’s powerful. Completely agree with you about the news and T.V. ~ stopped them both years ago and I’m happier for it. Congrats on changing your old money views… we’ve been indoctrinated with them since childhood so it’s a process but so worthwhile if you’re looking to better your life. Our minds are very powerful when we take control of them.

  4. This post makes teaches a lot of things about positive ways to see a better outlook in life. It’s like challenging the status quo of the mind, learning about the past but not reliving it anymore (ones that gave unhelpful mind set). Putting a new habit or belief into practice can really bring significant change in our lives. Learning how the subconscious mind can be used to improve our ways is really something I never thought before. 

    Best parts of the whole process are reflection and relaxation. Feeding our mind, body, and soul with these enriching activities can help to set everything clear within our lives. Thank you for sharing this . I love it!

    1. Thanks so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. It’s amazing what we can create when we let our minds work for us… so powerful. 

  5. Reprogramming the subconscious mind is something powerful and it’s something I’ve recently started to do. But it is easier said than done when you don’t have the proper techniques. I listen to YouTube videos for meditation and reprogramming. But I find it really hard to focus and most of the time I just end up dozing off. Positive Prime sounds like a good tool, especially if we just need to set aside 3 minutes a day for it. 

    1. Positive Prime really is a great tool. And it’s images are beautiful so it captivates you and makes watching it an enjoyable experience. Give it a try 🙂

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