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Little Known Secret For Permanent Weight Loss

Mind Power


Let’s face it a lot of us are looking to lose a few extra pounds. And with the numbers of obese people rising, particularly in Western countries, dieting programs and weight loss books and products have become really popular.  

There are over one billion obese adults in the world. Obesity is known to cause a range of health problems from high blood pressure to Type 2 diabetes. We are talking about serious health challenges and yet people still struggle to successfully lose weight.


Obesity Is Growing At Record Rates Worldwide And Is Creating Serious Health Challenges For Many.

Traditional diets and diet programs can help with weight loss but sadly the majority of those who lose weight on diets either regain the weight or simply give up before achieving their target. 

The latest studies into weight loss suggest that one key component that is often overlooked is mind-set and just how you can successfully use mind power to get permanent results. Your mind is the crucial component to the successful outcome of any diet plan you choose to follow. And we have the secrets here that you can use to unleash your mind’s power and make it happen.

Mental programming can play an invaluable role in weight loss and subsequent weight maintenance once you have achieved your goal. To maximise the effectiveness of your weight loss program you can use more than one mental programming method.

Mind Power

Taking Control Of Your Thoughts And Mental Programming Is The True Secret Weapon To Successful And Permanent Weight Loss.

Let’s get started with positive affirmations. Take some time and write down your top 3 reasons for losing weight. Make sure you write them in the present tense because you are feeding your subconscious mind with them. So, you would say “I feel so good now that I weight 135 pounds”. Affirmations used daily will focus your mind on your goals and strengthen your belief in your ability to achieve them. Make sure you display them around the kitchen on your fridge, freezer and food cupboards.

A vision board can be really helpful for weight loss. Add pictures of what your life will look like as a slimmer, healthier person. Include outfits you would like to wear. You could add images of treats you will give yourself as you lose weight. Will you treat yourself to a dream holiday? Add that in. You can also include affirmations. Literally put yourself in the picture of your dream life and watch it become real. Our minds respond really well to visual stimuli and that makes it easier to get results. Here’s a great way that you can make use of the ultimate vision board.

Creative visualization is another powerful method for programming your mind for weight loss success. This is because it involves you imagining the change you want to make and putting yourself in the picture and living in it. It is like imagining yourself stepping into a movie of your future life as a slimmer and healthier version of you. Take some time daily to put yourself in a high energy happy state and play that mental movie. Breathe into it and really see and feel just how amazing it will be when your goal happens for you.

Control Your Mind

Being In Control Of Your Mind And Directing Your Thoughts Towards The Results You Want Will Take You There.

Instead of opting for invasive surgical procedures such as gastric band surgery you could opt for the installation of a virtual (hypnotic gastric band). This form of mental programming is undertaken through hypnosis. It requires commitment and listening to hypnosis recordings on a regular basis before and after the virtual surgery to ensure the mental programming stays in place and is effective. Consider a session with a hypnotist if you’ve really struggled with weight. Many people have successfully stopped smoking and broken free of habits they want to step away from.

A weight loss coach is another alternative. The coach will help you create a suitable goal, outline a plan, identify any possible pitfalls and help you create the correct mind-set to achieve weight loss at a healthy rate. They will help you remain motivated and accountable. If you don’t want to hire a coach work with a group of friends online or in person to stay inspired to get results. Accountability makes a huge difference in successful weight loss as it’s often easier to keep commitments to other people than it is to yourself. And if you really want to keep your commitments to yourself get your hands on some of this magic coffee. It crushes your cravings, boosts your mood and increases focus making healthy eating choices a breeze. And it makes you happy by satisfying the receptor sites in your brain that cause unhealthy cravings.

Mental programming is an effective method and can truly be a secret weapon that gets you results that you can and will maintain for life. It can be used for helping with weight loss provided you are determined to lose weight and committed to making changes in your diet, lifestyle and attitude. And once you acquire the skill it can be used to create a truly incredible life for yourself.

12 thoughts on “Little Known Secret For Permanent Weight Loss”

  1. Brian Perisho - Fireman Marketing

    I love your article about the secrets to permanent weight loss.  These things you talk about in your post seem very familiar to me.  I also use the same techniques to contribute to building my business online.  As we all know, most issues with failure to build a successful online business or sustained weight loss are from lack of positive mindset.  Your techniques will help with both issues.  Thanks!!

    1. Thanks so much Brian, so glad you enjoyed it. And you’re 100% right on it working for success the same way. It’s amazing how much power our minds have and it’s such a great combination when you use them the right way.

  2. Thanks for this article. I’m sure the title, “permanent weight loss”, will gain people’s attention in a good way. You have really talked about a lot of good things here. I like how you said instead of have invasive surgery, someone could seek a change in their thinking. 

    I am maintaining a healthy weight now and even doing a muscle building routine. I changed a lot more than just the way I ate though. Like you said it was an inner change that really created sustainable and (so far) permanent weight loss. I’ve been at this healthy weight for years now and it doesn’t feel like a continual struggle. It just feels natural. 

    Affirmations were definitely a part of helping me think in a new and healthier way. I also went to support groups because being around other healthy-eating people was a good influence for me. That was another thing that helped with a deep inner change. 

    Long term weight loss really requires that inner change. You don’t have to be struggling for the rest of your life when it comes to food.

    1. Congrats on maintaining your healthy weight… it’s an easy thing to do when you set yourself up for success. You’re so right, it’s all about the inner game.

  3. Love this post! It’s full of great information that people would find useful. The post looks setup in a way that it would encourage people to keep coming back to your site for more tips. The header photo really grabs the attention of people and it encouraged me to keep on reading. 

  4. This is a very thought provoking approach to weight loss. Most people pay attention to their body’s cravings (more cheesy pepperoni pizza and fries, please!!) and ignore what their mind tells them to do. 

    I am familiar with visualization and positive affirmations, but I never thought of trying a virtual hypnotic gastric band. Self hypnosis is a very powerful phenomenon and just imagining that I have a band that only allows me to eat so much. ~ That’s amazing!  Keep up the great work because many folks (my husband included), need to shed some unwanted pounds.

    Thank you for a new take on weight loss.


  5. Hi 

    Thanks for sharing such an important and informative post about the secret for permanent weight loss. Your this content is really very helpful for all. I have read your full article about the great topic. It has opened my eyes. In this review you have informed us about the importance of weight loss.I am a person who never follow a healthy diet. I always have the unhealthy food. That’s why my weight is gaining day by day. But reading your article I could realise that it is the time to change my diet. You have given many information about weight loss. I will definitely follow them. 

    Thanks again. I’ll share this post with my friends and family. 

    1. Thanks so much for commenting. Wishing you lots of success with your weight loss journey. It really is easy to do when you approach it the right way. 

  6. I really enjoyed your article i haven’t always been the most positive person years ago,But in my resent years i make it a habit to always tell myself positive things,so i know that its true to train your subconscious mind,and i don’t ever be around negative people because they can transfer that same energy.
    So i thank you for this very wonderful article

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