July 2019

Positive Prime

Light Up Your Performance With Positive Prime

Want to feel better and improve your performance, focus, energy, health and mood in 3 minutes flat? Positive Prime is the ultimate app for that. Here’s how it works… You won’t believe how fast, easy and effective it is. Positive Prime is a powerful fusion of meditation, hypnotherapy, and open eye meditation where you simply sit down, watch a “session” and reap the benefits immediately. And the benefits will stay… Read More »Light Up Your Performance With Positive Prime

Birthday Top Ten List

Ten Birthday Reflections

It’s my birthday weekend… time to celebrate another turn around the sun! And for me it’s always a time to reflect on what’s been working and what needs to be revisited in my life. That’s one of the joys of being a summer baby… it’s kind of a mid year review. So as I’m celebrating another trip around the sun I’ve made a note of my top ten tips that… Read More »Ten Birthday Reflections

Ready To Lose That Weight

Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Lose Weight

Are you ready to take your health and fitness to the next level? And to finally get rid of those extra pounds for once and for all. For those of you who are serious about getting in shape and who are ready to take things up to the next level, supplements can be the secret weapon that power up your results.  The supplement industry is booming and for good reason. Every… Read More »Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Lose Weight

The Real Secret To An Amazing Life

Want to make your life a place of absolute magic and dreams come true? Who doesn’t? There’s a simple secret that will take you there and the great news is that it doesn’t cost a dime. To really make things happen and to have them go your way you need to adjust your thinking… Now obviously thinking positively alone doesn’t mean that everything will be rainbows and unicorns but when… Read More »The Real Secret To An Amazing Life