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Make 2020 Your Year

7 Power Habits For 2020

Start implementing these 7 Power Habits and get ready for next level performance that comes to you with grace and ease. Remember it’s easy to make small changes and it’s easy not to as well. Get clear on what matters to you and make it happen. Our lives are full of opportunity and we are busier than ever before. We sometimes know of the things we should be doing, that… Read More »7 Power Habits For 2020

Living In The Moment

Powerful Reasons To Be Present

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There are many reasons to be present and live in the now. In fact it can literally improve every area of your life. You’ll be happier and in greater freedom from things that could normally weigh you down or hold you back. Here are 12 of the great reasons why you need be mindful and to live in the now…  #1: You’ll feel better emotionally.  When you live in the… Read More »Powerful Reasons To Be Present

Power Of The Subconscious

How To Reprogram Your Mind For Results

Looking to make some positive changes in your life? Begin with getting your subconscious mind on board with you and what you want to achieve now. It’s going to take some effort on your part but it’s totally worth it. And we are going to show you how you can do it in just three minutes a day. You see according to Dr. David Perlmutter in the awesome book Power… Read More »How To Reprogram Your Mind For Results

5 Success Secrets You Need To Know

The Secret To Success… And Five Things That Make It Happen Fast

Do you really believe you can be successful? You better… it’s the most important element in creating the life you really want to live. Believing in your success  almost more important than your talent and working hard. That’s why there’s so people today that work really hard but never seem to be able to achieve their dreams. So, what is the distinguishing factor that makes people succeed? Here’s the five… Read More »The Secret To Success… And Five Things That Make It Happen Fast

Relax And Dream

How To Retrain Your Subconscious Mind

Are you looking to make some positive changes in your life? Whether you want to improve your business, your career, health or personal relationships all positive changes will come from you shifting your patterns and by training your subconscious mind. When you are looking to make long-term positive changes to your subconscious mind, then you literally have to change the record. Beliefs, patterns, ideas, worldviews, customs, and perceptions – these… Read More »How To Retrain Your Subconscious Mind

Mind Power

Little Known Secret For Permanent Weight Loss

  Let’s face it a lot of us are looking to lose a few extra pounds. And with the numbers of obese people rising, particularly in Western countries, dieting programs and weight loss books and products have become really popular.   There are over one billion obese adults in the world. Obesity is known to cause a range of health problems from high blood pressure to Type 2 diabetes. We… Read More »Little Known Secret For Permanent Weight Loss

Positive Prime

Light Up Your Performance With Positive Prime

Want to feel better and improve your performance, focus, energy, health and mood in 3 minutes flat? Positive Prime is the ultimate app for that. Here’s how it works… You won’t believe how fast, easy and effective it is. Positive Prime is a powerful fusion of meditation, hypnotherapy, and open eye meditation where you simply sit down, watch a “session” and reap the benefits immediately. And the benefits will stay… Read More »Light Up Your Performance With Positive Prime

Birthday Top Ten List

Ten Birthday Reflections

It’s my birthday weekend… time to celebrate another turn around the sun! And for me it’s always a time to reflect on what’s been working and what needs to be revisited in my life. That’s one of the joys of being a summer baby… it’s kind of a mid year review. So as I’m celebrating another trip around the sun I’ve made a note of my top ten tips that… Read More »Ten Birthday Reflections

The Real Secret To An Amazing Life

Want to make your life a place of absolute magic and dreams come true? Who doesn’t? There’s a simple secret that will take you there and the great news is that it doesn’t cost a dime. To really make things happen and to have them go your way you need to adjust your thinking… Now obviously thinking positively alone doesn’t mean that everything will be rainbows and unicorns but when… Read More »The Real Secret To An Amazing Life

Motivation Sparkles

8 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Motivation

If you’re looking to find a way to really get things done, create positive change and make some exciting things happen in your life here’s eight powerful secrets that will help you to boost your motivation so you can make it happen in a hurry. Change is never easy and sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to lose weight, have a cleaner… Read More »8 Powerful Ways To Boost Your Motivation